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Ares | Studio session 292 | 101Barz


Ares' album 'Alice' has already been released, but now he is in the studio to bring you something exclusive in a new studio session. If you haven't checked the album yet, make sure you give it a spin soon.

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Check the article 'Ares is now doing everything itself' here:

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101Barz is the largest hip-hop platform in the Netherlands with new videos every week. Of course Rotjoch brings the well-known studio sessions on your screen every week, but that's not all. You can find video clips of your favorite artists made by the 101Barz team under the name 101Barz Videoclipz. Items and portraits of starting rappers and established names are regularly uploaded. In Hitmakerz we take you behind the scenes with the producers of the biggest hits from the Netherlands. The rappers with the best viewed sessions receive a visit from Rotjoch to receive a Trophy.

In 2006, Rotjoch had the idea to set up the 101Barz hip-hop platform under the BNN wing. Rappers came for studio sessions and in no time 101Barz became a household name in the Netherlands. Which famous rapper didn't start his career at 101Barz?

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