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Are You Your Dog’s Favorite Person? ️🐶❤️ 10 Signs


Surely you have wondered if you are your dog’s favorite person, right? It’s not always easy
to know if our dog prefers us over all others. On the contrary, might they live with another
family and be just as happy?
After reviewing related studies, experiments and articles, we bring this video to you. Here
with AnimalWised, you’ll discover whether you are your dog’s favorite person by looking at
10 of the surefire signs that they love you above all. If you’re ready to know more about
how humans and dog’s relate to each other, keep watching!
 Topál J, Miklósi A, Csányi V, Dóka A (1998) Attachment behaviour in Dogs (Canis Familiaris): A new application of
Ainsworth's test. Journal of Comparative Psychology Vol112, No 3, 217229
 Dogs snub people who are mean to their owners and even reject their treats  SARAH GRIFFITHS FOR MAILONLINE

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