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Are You Smart Enough For Your Age?


Have you ever wondered how smart you are for your age? Here's your great chance to find this out!
You will need to answer 15 questions, and you will get 5 points for each right answer. Don’t forget to count the points because you will need them to interpret the results at the end of the video.

Question 1 0:24
Question 2 0:43
Question 3 1:06
Question 4 1:26
Question 5 1:42
Question 6 1:59
Question 7 2:23
Question 8 2:39
Question 9 3:05
Question 10 3:24
Question 113:48
Question 12 4:10
Question 13 4:33
Question 14 4:49
Question 15 5:07
If your number is more than 10 5:41
If your number is from 6 to 10 5:46
If your number is less than 6 5:52

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