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Arduino + Max7219 + 8x8 Dot Matrix Display

Mohamed Hussien

In this project we use Arduino + Max7219 + 8x8 Dot Matrix Display for running text display Arduino 8x8 LED Matrix Direct drive. Arduino Dot Matrix 64x8 running text with 74HC595. Arduino - Scrolling text (MAX7219, 24pin led matrix). 8X8 LED matrix with Arduino. Matrice di led 8x8 con Max7219 collegata ad Arduino UNO R3. Beating Heart animation on 8x8 LED Matrix + Arduino Uno. Painel de led com Arduino e módulo Max7219 (Matriz de leds 8x8). Led Matrix 32x8 MAX7219 scrolling text with Arduino Mega 2560. Arduino + ST7735 + Tiny RTC + DHT11. Arduino Project #14: I Love You 8x8 LED Matrix.

posted by feanntach5z