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Arcade Longplay [356] Blade Master

World of Longplays


Played by: ccronik

Blade Master is also released as "Cross Blades" in Japan.

This is a "hack 'n' slash" type of game and it's considered to be a "Golden Axe" clone. You lead your hero trough the fantasy world full of originally created enemies trough the seven very hard levels. At the end of each level you will face boss enemy. Bosses are hard to beat if you don't know the tactics. Lucky for you, this video describes how to fight them.

Game has beautiful graphic. Enemies and bosses are very original and they are detailed shaped. The music is nice too and realy builds the atmosphere while you play.

This video was recorded in one piece and it can serve as walktrough for this hard game. Game is beaten with one coin/credit, without cheats or saved positions (that can be used on M.A.M.E.) as a proof that it is possible. Arcade Longplay [176] Ganryu. Arcade Longplay [116] Crossed Swords. Arcade Longplay [141] Alien Storm. Arcade Longplay [388] Warriors of Fate. Arcade Longplay [221] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Arcade Longplay [355] Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade Longplay [275] NAM-1975. Arcade Longplay [361] Grind Stormer. Arcade Longplay [210] House of the Dead. Arcade Longplay [414] Parodius Da!

posted by sinismenh