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Apocalyptic BUNKER project part 1- The Plan


An UNDERGROUND BUNKER in the back garden, i have dreamt of this for a while now to go with my superhero mods and crazy inventions so when asked what i would do if faced with the end of the world the 2 ideas become one and so here we go i'm building a full scale full on bunker in my own back yard........and someone else is paying muhahahaha.

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Music is by "Heroic" and the song is called "charity for nothing"

Website: www.heroicofficial.com
Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/164oRDAAP6ZTz9sU05tSYA Secret Underground Tunnels Of Amarillo. Man builds $65 thousand doomsday bunker. Build Underground House , Under ground house. ADVICE FOR PREPPERS BURYING SHIPPING CONTAINERS. bunker garage construction vid 1. Building a MotorHorse??? DIY X-MEN Making MAGNETO shoes. This Beach Hut has a HIDDEN SECRET. Underground House - DIY | How to build a house under the ground. Making a Motorised Go Cart with NO WELDER and simple tools #2 Finish/Test.

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