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Animal Heroes Who Will Melt Your Heart


Just another reason for you to invest in a llama.
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"Riding Crop"
Warner / Chappell Production Music

Baby Llama / Berit Watkin

IMG_5285 / Amit Bronstein

Lefty / Atlantic Animal Hospital

Street at night, Clifton, NJ 4/17/11 - 2 of 6 / Rob DiCaterino

Hospice Cares For Terminally Ill During Final Stage Of Life
John Moore / Getty Images

Beluga Whale / Mike Johnston

Freediving the SETT / jayhem


COMMUNICATING WITH THE BELUGA / bob194156[email protected]/10192245874

Die lange Reise in den Kongo / Congohounds'>'>'>

Trouble in Paradise / Congohounds'>'>'>

Fotos / Congohounds'>'>'>

Sleeping elephant
Jiri Foltyn /

Llama @ Gibbet Moor, Derbyshire / Tim Parkinson

Man pulls a gun and points at camera, shift focus
Shutterstock Premier
Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

"Cru visits Baby Beluga" by Gee Louter

"Virunga Mountain Gorillas" by Julian Guerrero,

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