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Anastasia - Once Upon A December (Arabic) w/ Lyrics +Translation - أغنية عن شهر ديسمبر


Well , Firstly I apologize for the video's ambiguity , Copyright issues :/
Syrian Dubs are by miles the best Arabic dubs , for starters they use the Modern Standard Arabic , which is the most beautiful variation of the Arabic language , and then they weld it into the movie without making it sound awkward, as MSA is not commonly used by the Arabs , only for official matters or literature woks . It doesn't stop there ,for it's not just the MSA , but the way they use it , it's so elegant and graceful , they certainly make the best out of Arabic , lyricswise that is , honestly I felt like I wasn't able to channel the sheer and true beauty of the words throughout my attempted translation .
Also Rasha Rizq ... She's just amazing ! Peerless and flawless , her rendition is haunting , as a kid every time I heard this song , it gave me chills , though I've only heard the songs and never seen the actual movie as the TV channel used to air the music clips but weirdly never the movie . She certainly has the ability provoke poignant emotions effortlessly .
If anyone's interested in literal translation for educational purposes or whatever , let me know and I'll gladly provide them. :)

No copyright infringement intended and I do not earn money from the video ,it's purely for entertainment .

posted by satoshimisa8c