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ANA A380 Flying Honu Cabin Tour

Sam Chui

Join me for a cabin tour of the ANA A380 Flying Honu. In this video I will show you the 5 unique cabin zones of the ANA new A380.

Check out the 5 unique cabin zones starting with Economy Class, ANACouchii, Premium Economy, Business and First Class on the new ANA A380.

The first flight of the ANA A380 Flying Honu will be on 24th May from Tokyo to Hawaii, I will be on-board to cover the event and making a special vlog of the flight.


Following on from our exciting video celebrating the delivery of All Nippon Airways’ first new A380, the flying Honu, (which you can catch here: ), we examine the interior of this new, very large and fun aeroplane, painted to symbolise the sky in a lively blue colour with a cute painted design making the exterior of the plane represent a sea turtle.

In this video, the interior of All Nippon Airways’ new Airbus A380, the flying Honu, which is currently based at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, is revealed and we look at what each of the classes has to offer individuals, families with young children and people on business.

We are given the honour of being the very first to be seated in All Nippon Airways’ new economy class aboard the A380. The economy seats have good leg room, with the seats having a 34 inch pitch, and a full length foot rest for both feet. The entertainment screens built in to the back of each economy seat provide more than enough to keep you occupied with a vast array of films, music and TV on offer in several languages. Unusually for economy class, there are also free soft drinks provided for economy passengers on board ANA’s new A380 through a self-service bar which we think is a very nice touch.

At the rear of economy class, which occupies the lower deck of the plane, we find the ANA Couchii class which contains rows of economy seats in sets of four, which have cushions which are able to rise and form one long bed-like seat spread across the four seats. We discuss the origins of, and the ideas behind, this new ANA Couchii class through an exclusive discussion with the manager of cabin configuration at All Nippon Airways. He explains that the Couchii class is aimed at families with young children, who may well be going to Hawaii for a well earned break, who wish to relax and spend quality family time together – the Couchii class allows children to lay down and rest on the long flight, rather than being confined to their seats. The Couchii class is designed to provide some of the comfort of business class for families with young children, without the inherent segregation of business class which is not ideal for aiding the interaction of young children with their parents.

The interior decoration of economy class, with sky blue and clouds painted on the walls, helps families and children to relax and is reflective of the bright and fun blue livery on the exterior of this flying Honu A380 aeroplane. We really got the sense that All Nippon Airways have made great efforts to make their new economy class aboard the A380 very child friendly.

After our thorough examination of All Nippon Airways economy class aboard their new Airbus A380, we move on to look at the premium economy, business and first class sections which occupy the upper deck of the plane.

Premium economy offers an extended 38 inch seat pitch with the ability to recline your seat further. There are also additional storage bins for ANA premium economy customers. There are 73 premium economy seats altogether.

Business class is composed of 56 individually segregated seats with the ability to convert in to a single bed with an entertainment screen at the end of each unit.

We also take a look at the exclusive first class section of the new Flying Honu A380 which contains eight private suites. Like business class, first class comes with complimentary bed clothes but also comes with a complimentary toiletry set. A special, bright blue cocktail is available to be served to business class and first class customers, again symbolic of the bright blue outer livery of the plane.

Let us know what you thought of the interior in the comments – we’d love to hear from you! We anticipate posting a full review of the flying Honu’s maiden flight in late May. As always, thanks for watching!

posted by zabitych1x