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an (un)helpful guide to bts

Breathe Beauty

hello! since bts has been rising to fame recently here in America, I decided to make this not so helpful but funny video for those wanting to get to know the members better. I included them in order by age & I used their stage names instead of the real ones so I don't confuse some newbies :) enjoy!

this was supposed to be like 5 minutes lol

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thanks for watching! lejindary bts moments that are stuck in my mind. BTS goes America (a guide). BTS Are Just People | The Real BTS. A Guide to the BTS Choreographers (pt. 1). An (un)helpful guide to BIGBANG. BTS IN COMMERCIALS COMPILATION! unhelpful guide to BTS lines. An Educational Guide To Got7. The Music of BTS: A Guide for English speakers (INTRODUCTION). the basics of bts ships.

posted by Seclis5