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An EPIC Groom Surprise Wedding Dance with Dirty Dancing Lift

Rick Bhullar Fitness

On 10th May 2018 I married my beautiful bride Roberta.
I surprised my wife with an epic surprise wedding dance alongside my groomsman.
Groom surprise dance.

For those who don't know, myself and my groomsman are all retired dancers.
We haven't actually danced together in about 5 years.
You wouldn't believe but we actually put this whole thing together in just a few hours as it was a last second decision.
Also reason the camera guys started at the back when filming as they were actually packing up to leave because I completely forgot to tell them about the surprise. But they did an awesome job!

It was truely an unforgettable and epic day!
Thanks so much for all the positive comments, it means a lot to us.

Groom being Indian background we had to chuck some indian dancing in there as well :)
Married at The Great Fosters in Surrey, UK.
Indian grooms surprises wife with EPIC wedding dance.

Myself and my wife now live in Dubai, where we are both personal trainers.

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My wife

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