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AM I BEING DETAINED! Cop Baiters Get OWNED Compilation Part 2 2017

The Cop Channel

Sovereign citizen meets his match with this veteran Police Officer. DETAINED AND RACIALLY PROFILED by MILITARY POLICE FOR NO REASON. Sovereign Citizen Attempts The Stop Script During Traffic Stop, Doesn't Go Well. Judge Hysterically Owns a Sovereign Citizen. Sovereign Citizens Getting Owned By Police! Psycho Woman Can't Handle Getting a Ticket. Mom + 6 Angry Kids ATTACK Cop! Failure to Comply! Instant Karma Instant Justice NEW Resisting Arrest. POLICE STATE VS CITIZEN Officers get caught harassment abuse misconduct profiling. SOVEREIGN CITIZENS GETTING OWNED - OCTOBER 2017 - PART 5. Sovereign Citizen Idiots Owned Compilation 2017 #4.

posted by wampertl1