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AM I BEING DETAINED! Cop Baiters Get OWNED Compilation Part 2 2017

The Cop Channel

Entitled millennial snowflake get owned by hotel owner. Sovereign Citizens Getting Owned - AM I BEING DETAINED?! - August 2018. DON'T TOUCH ME ID REFUSAL I DON'T ANSWER QUESTIONS FIRST AMENDMENT AUDIT POLICE OWNED PART 1. FEMINISM VS LOGIC (OWNED COMPILATION) #3. BULLY COPS GET OWNED. THE 2ND SADDEST 'SOVEREIGN CITIZENS GETTING OWNED' VIDEO ON YOUTUBE MOORISH BS. DETAINED AND RACIALLY PROFILED by MILITARY POLICE FOR NO REASON. . Cops getting owned Best of 2018 - First Amendment Audits - San Joaquin Valley Transparency. Let's laugh at Sovereign Citizens! Epic fails! RIP windows!

posted by wampertl1