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Alyson Stoner - Stripped Bare (Official Video)

Alyson Stoner

Hi. Here I am. The best is yet to come. xx
Listen to Stripped Bare:

Thank you to our very small team who captured this moment effortlessly.
Director: Shannon Beveridge
DP/Producer: Sam Winter
AC/Producer: Emily Amos
Producer: Ale Catanese
AD: Jess Panneton
H&MU: Joanna Klein

Music Produced by Dan Farber
Written by Alyson Stoner, Matt Parad, Dalton Grant and Castle
I can’t believe family could be so savage
Swore to me I was free, then took advantage
I know you thought it was a sad song, but this sh*t is an anthem
Had me doin tricks like a sideshow
It’s clear to me now that I was your survival
All your excuses are dead on arrival
You say it’s the truth, but my blood is my Bible
And I’m finally cutting the strings
Cuz I’m Stripped Bare, got nothin left
And I’m finally cutting the strings

Born a slave to the rhythm
but I’ll never be a victim
They’re rich quick like an outlaw
then blindside with a southpaw
Stay, stay. How could I stay? Day after day
Steal my story with a straight face
Oh, how’s that taste?


I’ve heard that it happens
You feed the young to the wolves like nothin else matters
Well, I ain’t got nothin left
So, I’m finally cutting the strings.

Copyright Alyson Stoner 2019

posted by lhimec9s