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All Bichon Dog Breeds - Bichon Family


There are different dog breeds belonging to the Bichon dog family. In this video i will show you all of the Bichon dogs.

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The breeds in Bichon family share a lot of similar characteristics. They are all great companions and they all have low to non shedding and odorless coat, short muzzle, large and expressive dark eyes, dropped ears and tail that curls over their back.

All the Bichons trace their ancestry to Mediterranean region. The first Bichons originated from Barbets and Poodles. One theory says that the first Bichons and the original stock for all Bichons was on Tenerife. The other theory says, that it is the Maltese, that is the progenitor of the bichons.

1:03 Bichon Frise
1:31 Maltese
2:00 Bolognese
2:22 Havanese
2:39 Coton de Tulear
3:02 Lowchen
3:25 Bolonka

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Photo licenses:
0:34 By Jappitoo Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,
1:39 By Kevin Poh Flickr: Velvia Don, CC BY 2.0,
2:03 By Boel at Italian Wikipedia Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,
2:11 By Grace originally posted to Flickr as I love my ball..., CC BY 2.0,
3:15 By John M. P. Knox from Austin, USA Basil Smile, CC BYSA 2.0,

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