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All BfA Patch 8.1 Cutscenes (12 So Far) - Battle for Azeroth


All wow bfa patch 8.1 Cutscenes (12 cutscenes so far) in battle for azeroth. You will be able to see Sylvanas, the Lich King, Tyrande, Bwonsamdi ect.


00:00:09 Tyrande & Anduin Cutscene
00:01:02 Tyrande's Ascension Cutscene
00:01:39 Talanji Summoning The Spirit Of Vol'jin Cutscene
00:03:10 Vol'jin Confronts the Val'kyr (Eyir) Cutscene
00:04:02 Vol'jin Confronts the Lich King Cutscene
00:05:28 Confronting Bwonsamdi About Sylvanas Cutscene
00:06:59 Bwonsamdi Blood Moon Rising Cutscene
00:07:42 The Resurrection Of Derek Proudmoore Cutscene
00:09:13 Memories Of Derek Proudmoore
00:10:44 Talanji & Rokhan - Zuldazar Attack Cutscene
00:11:24 Sylvanas Prize Cutscene
00:12:11 Zandalari Treasury Escape


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posted by chiemearayr