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All About SIM Cards - Swapping Adapting u0026 Re-Sizing Dual eSIM and More!

Mobile Internet Resource Center

Every modern cellular device has something known as a SIM card inside of it. Without a valid SIM card your phone, tablet, hotspot or router will be essentially invisible to a cellular network.

SIM is short for Subscriber Identity Module and it is the tiny bit of circuitry that identifies your account to your carrier's network.

It's what holds your phone number and terms of your plan with your carrier.

SIM cards come in Nano, Micro and Mini size and are even embedded as eSIMs inside of devices. Some devices can have multiple SIM cards.

This video goes over the basics of SIM cards, shows how to swap them between devices, resize them with adapters or cutters and how to insert them into typical phones, hotspots and routers.

To learn more about SIM cards:

SIM card cutter:
SIM card adapter set:

0:00 Introduction to SIM Cards
1:59 SIM card Sizes Nano, Micro, Mini
3:00 Resizing SIM cards
4:13 Installing SIM cards into smartphones
4:41 Installing SIM cards into hotspots
4:54 Verizon 8800l SIM card
5:39 Netgear Nighthawk M1100 SIM card
6:34 Netgear Orbi LTE SIM card
7:00 Pepwave MAX BR1 Transit SIM card
8:35 Pepwave Balance 20X SIM Card
9:23 eSIM Embedded SIM
9:49 Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)
10:29 Why SIM Swap or Move SIMs?
11:33 Carrier SIM Swapping Policies
12:44 How to Obtain SIM cards

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