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Dogumentary TV sits down with Sandy Lindstedt, and her pack of Mini Bull Terriers. Sandy first found the Bull Terrier in her local dog shelter. Starting with Ziggy she has fallen down the Mini Bull rabbit hole, she is in love with these little bundles of joy.

In nearly every way the Mini is a Bull Terrier, only smaller. In fact, before 1991 the AKC classified the two Bullys as varieties of the same breed. Minis stand between 10 and 14 inches at the shoulder. They’re square, muscular, and, for their size, quite strong. Their trademark is a large eggshaped head, with its dark, triangular eyes that twinkle with mischief. It’s impossible to mistake the Bull Terrier breeds for any other. The coat can be pure white, or white with predominate colored markings. animal planet.

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