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All 40 Species of Wild Cat (Organised by Lineage)

Textbook Travel

Wildcats are some of the most beautiful and interesting animals on the planet. There are 40 species of wildcat separated into 8 distinct lineages providing one of the most interesting stories of evolution in the animal kingdom. The oldest split between all remaining extant species of cat occurred more than 10 million years ago when Pantherine containing the big five split from Felinae containing the rest of the felids. The Felinae family then continued to diverge until around 13 million years ago producing amount others, the Caracal, Ocelot, Lynx, Puma and Domestic Cat lineages. In this guide, we'll explore each split in the Felidae family and the lineages and species of wild cats these evolutionary divergences produced.


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00:51 Panthera Lineage (inc. Lions, Tigers & Jaguars)
07:06 Puma Lineage (inc. Cougar & Cheetah)
09:46 Lynx Lineage (inc. Eurasian Lynx & Bobcat)
13:19 Caracal Lineage (inc. African Golden Cat & Serval)
15:20 Bay Cat Lineage (inc. Asian Golden Cat & Marbled Cat)
16:31 Ocelot Lineage (inc. Oncilla & Margay)
20:40 Leopard Cat Lineage (inc. Pallas’s Cat & Leopard Cat)
24:15 Domestic Cat Lineage (inc. Chinese Desert Cat & European Wildcat)

Media & Attribution
All footage is used under licence from Storyblocks. The vast majority of the images are used under license from with a few from Pixabay & Unsplash used under their respective licences and a few from WikiCommons used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 and 3.0 licences or in the public domain. Below is a Google Doc containing each section with the photographers' names and a link to the licence if required. Thank you to everyone who makes their work available for use. Covering all of the wonderful species in these videos would not be possible without your incredible work.

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Sources & Further Reading
This video is based on an article written at, below is a link to this article and all of the sources that were used to create it.

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Where to see Canada Lynx

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