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Algodoo Marble Run/CD Machine [HD]

Daniels Game Vault

Watch the redesigned v2.0 here :​
PLEASE NOTE: The level is not available for download, so please do not ask for it.

PS: I'm aware the music sucks :))
Here's a little something I put together to kill some time: it's a machine I made in the popular 2D sandbox game Algodoo. The machine moves some CDs (or balls if you want) around a wacky maze, with the aid of levers, gears and other mechanisms. If you're not familiar with Algodoo, it's a game in which you can create your own machines that twist, turn, roll, drive or do whatever you want them to. Despite the game's childish look, you can actually customize even the most scientific properties of the parts you place on the play field, such as density, friction, even gravitational pull and bounciness, so you can create from the simplest of mechanisms to the most intricate contraptions. Great little time killer try it out.

posted by coldgreyrc