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Alex u0026 Jumpy - The Parkour Dog

Beyond Slow Motion

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Chances are that if you have been browsing YouTube for any notable amount of time, you have seen at least one of Omar Von Muller's amazingly talented canine companions. Omar has been an animal trainer in Hollywood for many years and his amazing team of dogs have been featured in all sorts of films, commercials, and various hit viral videos. So when I had the opportunity to get out filming with Omar's stunningly skilled pooch Jumpy, I was beyond stoked.

I hit up my good friend Alex Duong, a professional parkour athlete whom I met through a collaboration the Substance Over Hype collective, to film for a couple days with Jumpy. This video is the sum of what we filmed! I hope you all enjoy!

Omar Von Muller's Channel & Website
   / otheman62  

Alex Duong's Channel
   / w0sxs0w  
"Straight West" by Kasket Club
Licensed though Audio Socket

Behind The Scenes (Coming Soon thanks to Abraham Mayorga!)
   / arabham  

Special Thanks to:

Jeff Halstad
   / scopethis06  
Michael Ayars
Marlaina Smith
   / mmarlainaa  

I shot this all on a Sony FS700 at 240FPS in 1080p.

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Darren Dyk (aka Skapo)

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