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Akka Mogudu | Ep-158 | 2-January-2019 | Gemini TV

Gemini TV

Episode Details:

2-January-2019, Watch Akka Mogudu Latest Episode on Sun NXT from


Akkamogudu is a telugu family drama. An emotionally-charged story of twin sisters Ramya and Sowmya, who go to great lengths for each other. Follow their journey of self sacrificing love, along with their life partner, Amar. Akka Mogudu | 28th Aug 2018 | Gemini TV. Mathrudevobhava | 12th-February-2019 | Gemini TV. Bhama Rukmani | 31-January-2019 | Sun TV Serial. Bandham | 8th-February-2019 | Gemini TV. Akka Mogudu | Ep-150 | 21-December-2018 | Gemini TV. Akka Mogudu | Ep-146 | 17-December-2018 | Gemini TV. Akka Mogudu | Ep-155 | 28-December-2018 | Gemini TV. Akka Mogudu | Ep-154 | 27-December-2018 | Gemini TV. Bhama Rukmani | 24-November-2018 | Sun TV Serial. Akka Mogudu | 18th-January-2019 | Gemini TV.

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