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Airstream 27FB International Tour 🏠 Big Enough to Full Time? —Full Walk Through + Our Modifications

This Wylde Life

When we first considered living fulltime in an Airstream, people online told us we were crazy. "It's way too small!" they said. Were they right?

Turns out, this travel trailer is perfect for our needs. In our opinion, the 27FB Queen bed is one of Airstream's best models, whether or not you want to live full time in an RV.

❗Thinking of installing a solar system on your RV? Also watch our complete tour and explanation of our system. That video will help you select parts, determine the number of solar panels you need, choose battery type, decide on the right inverter for your needs, and more! https://youtu.be/PygjefbycnI

Also check out our free guide that goes into even greater depth on a HUGE range of RV solar system topics https://thiswyldelife.com/wpcontent/...

When we were researching Airstreams, we spent HOURS on YouTube. We soaked up all the information we could about every model of Airstream. It was helpful to see how other people lived, camped, and traveled in their camper trailers. Videos allowed us to see what worked for other people, and compare their needs to ours.

Between watching dozens of videos and spending loads of time in trailers at the Airstream dealer, we felt like we made the right decision. But time would tell. After a year on the road, we love our shiny home even more than the day we moved in. It's perfect for us!

Will this trailer work for you, too? Watch to find out!

In this video, we'll give you an indepth tour of our camper, inside and out. We'll show you our favorite features and modifications. And, you'll get an idea of how we live full time in just 200 square feet.

⏯ Watch our truck tour to see how we store three bikes, a grill, camping gear, tools, RV essentials, extra water, and more! https://youtu.be/SDrAfOmgm9Q

⛺ Love camping? Check out three of our favorite FREE camping spots on our website https://bit.ly/3xtQrxZ

RV Essentials Mentioned in this Video:

☀ Solar System: We have six 100 W panels, two 100 Ah Battle Born lithium batteries, and a 3 kVA Victron MultiPlus inverter. We bought panels from Renogy ( http://shrsl.com/346sm ) and everything else in a custom kit from AM Solar and installed it ourselves.

The kit includes all the small parts that you wouldn't think of, and AM Solar does an amazing job answering questions before and during your installation. Visit AM Solar online https://bit.ly/twlsolar and use code TWL5 for a ✋ 5% discount on your order!

Remember to check out our comprehensive free guide too! https://thiswyldelife.com/wpcontent/...

☎ WeBoost RV65 (boost a weak cell signal in remote areas): https://amzn.to/3gkpLIB Watch our video review here: https://youtu.be/qJJcu8Cbfck

Berkey Water Filter removes hazards from questionable water sources https://bit.ly/3hRXNoe

✔ Wall Hooks (adhesive backing): https://amzn.to/3impp6L

Food Baskets (great for fruit and other food): https://amzn.to/3g129cV

Magnetic Knife Bar (holds knives even while driving!): https://amzn.to/3v7AjAk

Gorilla Tape (mount that knife bar to the wall): https://amzn.to/34TDOQ6

Spice Rack (by far the best solution we've found!): https://amzn.to/3v5B24O

Paper Towel Holder (adhesive tape for easy mounting; looks nice, too): https://amzn.to/3ip2Yhx

3" Axle Lift. Reduce trailer butt drags: https://bit.ly/3iqmQ3y

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