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Aikido VS Taekwondo 合気道とテコンドーで闘ってみました

N Takako

Hello everyone, thank you for your comments for this performance video. This is Nakamura who is showing as a Aikido fighter .
Recently, there is a video has been UP without our permission almost the same contents with BGM plaintive of our video , but It is different from our intention. So let me say our opinion about pirated Video.
First, Don’t laugh at Mr. C of Taekwondo guy. He is a very nice and brave man, even though his taekwondo shill is not so high level.
Because Korea is hateful, writing rude comments to him , but don’t do that. He is proud Challenger.
This is a pure experiment by Martial Arts funs who have limited experience ,skills and unrelated to the nationalism . If the manager of pirated video were a Japanese, I want you to know the shame.
And also, I think the persons who write some comments in Pirated video with BGM plaintive and evil intention are on the same side as a result , even if there is no intention to agree pirated video’s intention.
Youtube has translation system, so you can interchange your opinions between different language’s comments.
Because many foreign martial artists are also interested in Japanese martial artist’s opinions. So please express your opinions in our Video, not in Pirated video! Thank you! Aikido - Artes Letales: National Geographic - en español. Shaolin monk KO U.S. Navy SEAL's Boxer ( IKF Champion). Kokyu nage, Bruno Gonzalez Djakarta Aikido seminar, Indonesia 2017 Part 2/9. 合気道で実際に戦う! Aikido real fight<覇天会 合気道組手4種>. 少林寺拳法にローキックしたら足が消えた?『大いなる遺産2』検証企画 Shorinji Kempo, Low kick control! 【English subtitles in CC 】. FLEX vs KARATÈ 🥋⛩ #karate. 少林寺拳法に突きを出したらエラい目に!『大いなる遺産2』検証企画【2】 Shorinji Kempo, Punch control! Steven Seagal in Russia. The Scariest Karate KATA | 最も恐ろしい空手型 | 沖縄空手 | Sadayuki Taira | 平良貞行先生. Shaolin kung fu master VS Muay Thai champion - KO.

posted by jmc8800r6