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After CANCELLING Her Flight Trump Delivers ONE LAST Surprise To Pelosi’s Office(VIDEO)!!!


After cancelling her flight Trump delivers one last surprise to Pelosi’s office. Just hours after ordering Nancy Pelosi overseas excursion canceled, President Trump added i n s u l t by having Pelosi’s luggage loaded onto a military liaison cart, and had it wheeled down the halls of Congress and h u m i l i a t i n g l y parked outside of her office for her to collect.

If Pelosi wants to use the government shutdown for her own political gain, she’ll soon realize that this is Trump’s game and he has the advantage when it comes to playing hardball. Pelosi’s FURIOUS As Mike Huckabee FOUND OUT This SECRET On Her Trip! LOYALTY To Dems Crumbling!!! Trump Cancels Pelosi's Overseas Trip After She Suggests He Postpone Speech. Press Pool Cracks Up When Sarah Sanders Uses Jim Acosta To Shut Down Another Unruly Reporter(VIDEO)! Nancy Pelosi Doing Her BEST To Trigger Trump. HAPPENING NOW! FBI In BIG TROUBLE As Hannity Uncovered This HUGE THING! NO ONE SAW IT(VIDEO)!!! Ted Cruz Nails It About Why Pelosi Delayed Trump's State Of The Union Address. Sarah Sanders Just DROPS FINAL BOMBSHELL On Pelosi's EXORBITANT Travel Expenses(VIDEO)!!! Pelosi NEVER SAW THIS COMING Her ALLIES NOW TURN ON Her! DID THIS To TAKE DOWN Her(VIDEO)!!! Q Review: Nancy Pelosi BIG ERROR. BAD MOVE! Nancy Pelosi ISSUED A THREAT To Donald Trump That She WILL LIVE To Regret(VIDEO)!!!

posted by brondarsyn