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Adrenal Glands and Cortisol Balance

Vida Talebi

This video discusses the role of adrenal glands and how the stress hormone, cortisol, can be managed.

One thing I failed to mention above is that if you tend to have more of the hypoadrenal (low adrenal) symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, low blood pressure, drops in blood sugar (hypoglycemia), can't maintain sleep, etc. you will need to eat like a hypoglycemic. This means eating food every 3 hours regardless of your level of hunger. Each of your meals should include some form of protein such as meat, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds in them.

However, if you tend to have more of the hypercortisol picture where you are more anxious, gain weight, feel like you have climbed a mountain by the end of the day, can't fall asleep at nights, etc, you will need to only eat when you feel hungry and in moderation.

Some people have both hypo and hyperadrenal (cortisol) symptoms in which case having an Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) done would be invaluable.

Also in all cases, you have to evaluate your life and eliminate or reduce all the energy robbers out of your life.

posted by seercibusuartoo