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Sorry for the glitches in some frames. Camera is messed up and being sent to be serviced :(((( BUT ONTO THE VIDEO!!

This video is all about what its like to adopt and own a greyhound!! Greyhounds are not very commonly thought about as companions when families are looking for a pet and they should be! The greyhound breed could be the perfect family pet!!

In this video we get into the breed characteristics a little, the adoption process, the pros and cons, and my personal experience with my greyhound adoption. ADOPTING MY GREY IS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I'VE EVER MADE.

If you have an questions on the breed, want more details than the video provides, wants help finding an adoption agency around you, OR just want to talk to me about my experience more, feel free to email me! I love y'all guys and hope I can Help! And make sure to follow my girl on Instagram!

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