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Adley caught a Leprechaun!! St Patrick's Day Morning Routine and GOLD TRAP 🌈

A for Adley - Learning & Fun



HEY EVERYBODY!! Top of the mournin' to ya!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Last video the leprechaun came to my house and made a giant mess and then we had to clean it up! He came last year too so I wanted to try to catch him! My mom and I got all the best supplies to make a leprechaun trap! We are using fake gold as bait and hopefully he falls in a giant hole and gets stuck in playdoh! We made the trap and it looked so good, if I was a leprechaun I would definitely get trapped in it. We had to go to sleep so the leprechaun could come and when we woke up there was a giant surprise!! There was green stuff every where and another giant mess!! We followed his foot prints all over the house and tried to see where he went! He left toys, streamers, green milk, stickers, and spilled cereal all over the place!! Then we got the the trap and you'll never guess what's inside!!

my last video Hidden LEPRECHAUN Presents! Hide N Seek for POTS of GOLD!!

my dad's last video Adley Muscles vs Hidden Bigfoot (Eat Watermelon to Win lol)

Bye vlog

posted by mzjanjantd