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Actors Who Were Ridiculously Underprepared For A Role


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Like any job, acting can be tough if you fail to prepare correctly. But unlike a lot of jobs, what an actor is expected to do on any given day can vary dramatically depending on the project they're working on. As a result, there are countless stories of actors being hilariously underprepared for roles due to time constraints, overconfidence, and sometimes, just plain old bad luck…

Benedict Cumberbatch and the penguin doc | 0:21
Peter Weller and the RoboCop suit | 1:10
Hugh Jackman's doughy Wolverine | 2:00
Kit Harrington is buff, not a history buff | 2:42
Ewan McGregor and the lightsaber noises | 3:19
Marlon Brando's clueless, tubby warrior | 3:57
Finn Jones' last-minute choreography | 4:51
James McAvoy and the haircut | 5:34

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