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Abused Dog Runs Away From Home - Tails of Hope

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Emerson is a fighter and a survivor.
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Today, Emerson is an adorable PapillonPomeranian mix who thinks he's the boss but he didn't start out that way.

Emerson's history is a sad one. He was neglected and emotionally abused for years. Time and time again he would run away ending up at the shelter. And time and time again, his owners would pick him up and bring him home. The last time he ran away and ended up at the shelter, his owners thought better and left him there.

Thanks to Annie Hart and Bill Foundation, Emerson found his second lease on life. He had his wounds tended do but more than that he found a happy home in Michaela.

Special thanks to Bill Foundation.

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Additional photos and videos courtesy of Bill Foundation.

Coordinating Producer: Dawn Poomee
Shooter/Editor: Shawn McPherson

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