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Being a dance teacher, your baby hears the music for each recital several times. It was so cute how Hunter, at only 18 months, would stay super still during the slow part of the song and start "dancing" when the music picked up. At our small studio recital we put him on stage and played the music to see what he would do...and he didn't disappoint! He is now almost ten, so he has grown up quite a bit, so we are glad we shared this memory on Youtube for our friends and family to see. UNBELIEVABLE! KID Audition SHOCKED Judges - DID L'il Masters April 28 '12 -. 6 Of The Best Impressionists On Britain's Got Talent & America's Got Talent. Amazing 3-year-old baby girl plays Grade 5 piano ~ 師承邱世傑. Genius Toddler Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master. TOP 5 Cringiest Audition Videos On American Idol | Idols Global. Country Girl Kadie Lynn, 12, Blows The Crowd Away | Judge Cuts 2 | America's Got Talent 2016 | Ep. 9. The Voice Kids, 5 awesome performances (Part 5). CUTEST AUDITION EVER! 7 Year Old Dyxie Auditions Before Layla Springs On American Idol 2018. OMG! This Performance Made Mithunda CRY | Dance India Dance Season 4 - Sumedh, Manan and Rohan. When A Couple Took In This Pregnant Dog, They Never Expected Her Pups To Look Like They Did.

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