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A Retired Couple and a Dog Living In A Van 7000 Miles From Home... What Can Go Wrong? Qu0026A

VAN TREKKING lifestyle

Hiking on a beautiful trail in Valdez, Alaska and answering your questions! What could be better. A Q&A video with scenery!

In our second Alaska Q&A video we answer 7 questions from our regular subscribers. We do this while hiking on the Mineral Creek trail in Valdez, Alaska. The scenery was breathtaking... winter is coming here and the leaves are starting change colors and fall to the ground. The Pink Salmon are making their way up the streams to spawn and we actually show you how that happens and try to explain a little about the process. And sweet little Maggie makes a new friend, Gracie!

Topics Covered:
0:46 How have we not killed each other in such a small van?
2:34 Small van, small RV in Alaska... which would you recommend?
4:53 How do you pick safe boondocking spots and do you carry a gun?
9:46 Have you had mice in the van? Did you rent a van before buying one?
11:06 How easy is it to use the shower curtain? Does everything get really wet and messy?
12:54 Can you show us a picture of how you rearranged the Thule on the roof of the Travato?
14:33 Pink Salmon spawning in Alaska?
16:43 What’s next for you two? How do you top Alaska?

posted by ressopet7j