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A Rapper Comes Close to 'Selling His Soul to the Devil'!!


There is POWER in your spoken words - of life and death! See how a rapper, Mynista (Minister), was on the brink of selling his soul to the devil!
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Here's the link to Mynista's website, if you would like to check out what he is doing now:

If you would like to read my detailed Born Again Information, here is the link to the introductory message. It is a .pdf file, so you will need to have the FREE Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Get the free Adobe Reader here and install it on your computer:

The Born Again Information is here:

Here is another link that will help you better understand how things fit together spiritually:

This is a link to a website loaded with other people's experiences of going to heaven and coming back to tell about it! Also some are about people going to hell and coming back! LOOK HARDER - By Chosen King. Former Foster Child Is Now Helping Foster Children Have a Better Life! They Sold Their Souls: Prince. Artists Who Sold Their Souls To The Devil For Money & Fame ¿. 2pac Did Not Sell His Soul - In His Own Words. New Miracles From Heaven, Movie - About Girl Who Went to Heaven and Back, and was HEALED!! 5 People Who Sold Their Soul To The Devil. I saw michael jackson in hell. Beyonce Admits She Sold Her Soul : Hold Up - ILLUMINATI EXPOSED. The Book of Jasher: Satan, Elemental Spirits, and the Sacrifice of Isaac.

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