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A Portrait of my Belgian Shepherd Dog on his 5th Birthday

Rancho The Dog

A Portrait of my Belgian Shepherd Dog on his 5th Birthday

Rancho turned 5 years old! We couldn't be more grateful for having this furry little man in our lives. In human years, he's now around 40 years old, but he definitely doesn't act like a middleaged man. Still full of energy and acting like a puppy most of the time. That's what you can expect if you get a Belgian Shepherd. We love him to the Moon and back.

I was inspired by this video by Danny Gevirtz https://youtu.be/8xoNZINtR7s
We're nowhere near the quality of his videos but we're doing our best. Sorry about the graininess of the video. I don't have the right ND filter for these light conditions.

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Rancho the Dog is a 4 year old male Belgian Tervuren Shepherd. There are 4 varieties of the Belgian Shepherd Dog the Malinois (short coated), the Groenendael (black longcoated), the Lakenois (wirehaired) and the Tervuren (basically a longcoated Malinois, as far as color is concerned)


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