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A Diver Had No Clue What This Seal Was Up To – And Then It Suddenly Gripped Him By The Hand

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A Diver Had No Clue What This Seal Was Up To – And Then It Suddenly Gripped Him By The Hand
An old hand at aquatic adventure, 55-year-old Gary Grayson has been scuba diving many times before – yet this underwater encounter was unlike anything he had ever experienced. The seal approached him, and Grayson wasn’t expecting anything other than a brief glimpse as the creature passed. But then something truly amazing happened which – if he hadn’t been wearing a mask – would have left him breathless.

Grayson lives in Worsley, part of the city of Salford, near Manchester in the north of the U.K. And although he is a businessman in his everyday life, Grayson has another side to his identity: thrill-seeker. His high-octane hobbies include motorbike riding, skydiving and – obviously – deep-sea diving.
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And while he’s experiencing life in the fast lane, Grayson likes to act as a videographer for his various adventures. Diving seems to be taking over as his main passion, though, and a below-the-waves encounter of recent years has lent him a degree of fame in the sub-sea game.

In 2014 Grayson was diving off the Scilly Isles, to the southwest of Cornwall in the U.K., where he had a chance meeting that was not only unexpected but totally unforgettable. Fortunately, too, Grayson and his team captured the event on camera to share with the world.


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