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Chronic pain relief | Chronic pain and the power of placebo

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Chronic pain relief | Chronic pain and the power of placebo

"A new study has asked whether certain people with chronic pain should be given sugar pills to manage their symptoms. Scientists tap into the individual differences that make some people more susceptible to a placebo.

Brain anatomy and personality type may influence susceptibility to the placebo effect.
A placebo is a medical intervention — be it a pill, injection, or sham surgery — that has no therapeutic value.

The placebo effect refers to the real benefits that these inert interventions can have.

The simple act of taking a tablet can make a person feel its benefits.

However, this is not just a psychological phenomenon; it has a biological basis.

As one example, some studies have shown that a placebo can affect blood pressure; a clear physiological response.

However, the placebo effect is most apparent in conditions that rely on selfreporting of symptoms, such as anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic pain.

In chronic pain trials, for instance, the placebo effect can often be as great as the response to the treatment that is being tested. In actual fact, the response to a placebo can sometimes be larger than the response to conventional treatment."

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