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923m Gear 1 Hitting and MORE (40m+ Loot!) - Osrs Pking & Moneymaking 2019


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🔍The Gilded Chungus is ran by "The Pure Seb" & "Pan1c" however we have many other youtubers who are members & over 400 total members as well as Clan ranks & Individual milestone ranks (Max player, 5k PvP kills etc).
Don't worry I am doing this ontop of my normal schedule :) not in replace of the videos I already make.
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🎵Music credits: Songs in the playlist on my channel (scroll down) F2P Pking is the new way to make Money! I got him for EVERYTHING (he did an oopsie...) - OSRS Money Making 2019 with Seb. ONE SHOTTED!?... 5+ Smite Kills & 200M+ Loots (GC#2) - Osrs Pking. This pking spot is packed with good loot, and no one pks here. I made a low level Teleblock PKer. Chasing the Un-Smiteable Smites. Rushing anyone who rushes PKers. DMM Tourney Has Begun! Let's Get it Boys! Runescape, OldSchool Runescape. I found a secret spot to PK. I spent 2 weeks tricking high risk pkers.

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