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90 year old woman walks onto the dance floor but no one expected this...

AZ Lindy Hop Society

90 year old Hollywood Swing Dance legend Jean Veloz dancing with Lindy/ Swing dance instructor Steve Conrad of the Arizona LIndy Hop Society at FatCat Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ
Music by Solomon Douglas
Filmed by: Laura Gatti
Location: FatCat Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ
(c) Arizona Lindy Hop Society

Jean Veloz stepped out onto the floor to wave and then ended up burning up the floor with some of the moves she did in films of the 1940's while dancing with International instructor Steve Conrad of the Arizona Lindy Hop Society.

Jean and Steve have also appeared on the Bachelorette during Jojo's season (June 2016), teaching Jojo and her date how to swing dance and in July of 2017 they dance on Steve Harvey's show "Little Big Shots: Forever Young"

Movies with Jean Veloz:
The Groovie Movie (1944) - 9 minutes of swing dancing fun!
Swing Fever (1944):

About Jean Veloz: Jean Veloz is a legend and icon of Lindy Hop/Jitterbug whose unique style has been copied over the past 7 decades by dancers around the world. Jean was nominated in 1995 and inducted into the 'California Swing Dance Hall of Fame' in 1996 and can be scene doing her unique style of Lindy Hop in a few surviving films such as Swing Fever and the instructional and hilariously entertaining Pete Smith short, "Groovie Movie" where swing dancers demonstrated various dance steps of the jitterbug. At just 90 years young, Jean shows no signs of slowing down. She has been invited to appear as a special guest at numerous Lindy Hop weekends.

Learn how to dance:

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