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9 Ways to Tell Your Dog You Love Them

Jaw-Dropping Facts

9 ways to prove your dog you loved them.
Here is how you to say "I love you" in dog language.
You absolutely love your dog, and you’re not afraid to show it. But all the toys, comfy beds, treats, and fancy collars can’t let your pet know just how special they are to you.
In this video, we’ll show you 9 ways to tell your dog you love them in language they’re sure to understand

#1. Put down your phone when you walk into the house.
Your dog needs some facetoface interaction with you when you come home.
This is because they don’t know what a cell phone is. But they do know they don’t want to compete with it.
That’s why the first way to tell your dog you love them is to give them your full attention when you walk in the door.
Oftentimes when we are with our dogs, we are staring at our phone at the same time. Whether you’re on a walk around the block or snuggling on the couch, it’s best to give 100 percent of your attention to your pet.
#2. Respect your dog’s nature.
Many dog owners discourage their dogs from certain inherent behaviors such as eating dirt, sniffing urine and sniffing each other from behind. In these situations, we are not caring for our furry friends, but preventing them from their own nature. This can cause anxiety and confusion.
It is important that you love your dog for who they are.
#3. Rub their ears
Dog experts say that the ears of a dog are one of three nerve centers in their bodies. When you rub a dog behind the ears, a sense of pleasure goes through their entire body. This is extremely relaxing. Just like when you rub their belly – another part of your dog that has extremely sensitive nerve endings.
That’s why when you rub the ears of your dog or rub their belly, they close their eyes and drift off into doggie heaven.
The other nerve center for a dog’s pleasure is between its toes!

#4. Lean in when you talk to them
The best way to tell your dog you love them is to lean into them and then let them lean into you.
Even though it’s tempting, fullbody hugs aren’t good for dogs. A hug is usually threatening or unwelcome to them, especially if they feel trapped.
Leaning into a dog and then letting them lean into you is a much better way to bond.
Displays of affection like this are often overlooked and confused with other behaviors, so don’t ignore their hugs. Lean back on them for a moment, and let them know you love them too.
Don’t push them away or crush them. Just the right amount of lean will demonstrate that you trust them.

#5. Look into their eyes
According to researchers at Duke University, you should make eye contact with your dog when you are cuddling with them.
Studies have shown that making eye contact while cuddling with your dog releases a hormone in them known as oxytocin.
Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, literally bonds you with your dog like a mother and baby.
So the next time you and your dog are snuggling – look them right in the eye.

#6. Prepare their favorite food.
Feeding and love go together perfectly when it comes to showing your dog you love them. So it should be no surprise that if you make a special dish for your dog, they will love you for it. And this doesn’t mean feeding them table scraps, which can eventually harm your dog’s health.
Or feeding them too many treats, which can also make them overweight.
Preparing a meal for your best friend is also a great way to tell them that you love them too.

#7. Raise your eyebrows when you see your dog.
This one that comes from Japanese behavioral scientists.
They explain in their research that when a dog raises their eyebrows and sticks out their tongue, they are relaxed and happy.
Scientific studies have shown that dogs can differentiate between human emotions from facial expressions. You can try to hide your feelings, but your dog can read your emotions from what’s written on your face.
So greeting your dog at the door with raised eyebrows and a relaxed smile shows your canine how happy you are to see them.

#8. Talk to your dog using your dog voice
A study published in the journal of Science found that dogs understand a little bit more about human speech than we think.
Believe it or not, when scientists studied dogs using an MRI scanner, they found something interesting.
That dogs recognized not only words of praise, but a praising voice as well. So dogs will not only listen to the tone of your voice but the words of praise at the same time.
So your tone of voice and choice of words are another one of the 9 ways you can literally tell your dog you love them.

#9. Let your dog snuggle with you when you get the chance.
Snuggling is awesome for dogs, but never go in for the big hug because they think you might attack them.
But they do like to cuddle. So whether let them on the couch or into your bed, they like to lie with you and just relax. The close contact brings them closer to you and lets you show them that you love them.

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