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9 Tricks to Be the Most Charming Person in the Room


How to be a bit more charming? Some people could easily gain the trust of everyone and create a positive image of themselves? Jeff Haden, one of the most influential people on LinkedIn and the author of almost 30 business and communication books, explained how they do it. It turns out they know some simple secrets, and today you have a chance to discover them all.

Have you ever noticed, for example, that such people are not afraid to look silly? They’re not afraid to be awkward. Curiously enough, people respect them even more because of this. If you’re not shy to show your weaknesses, people won’t laugh at you. So, guys, here're nine essential characteristics that make any person look more confident and charming.

They’re not afraid to lose 0:52
They show they’re glad to meet you 1:28
They look for mutual understanding 2:09
They use the power of touch 2:47
They know how to use facial expressions and gestures 3:41
They’re not afraid to look silly 4:19
They’re good at asking questions 4:54
They always remember names 5:38
They listen more and talk less 6:27

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- Charming people don’t try to win at everything. On the contrary, their aim is to give more without expecting anything in return. For them, it’s not difficult to admit their mistakes, failures, or talk about their weaknesses.
- Maintaining eye contact is important in a conversation, and people who have charisma know this for sure. They smile when you smile. They frown or nod when you do.
- Most people unconsciously look for contradictions and disagreements, which can lead to a dispute rather than a conversation. Charismatic people always seek common ground with everybody.
- A touch is a powerful tool that helps people understand their emotions better. In a recent experiment, scientists tried to express 12 emotions by touching their interlocutors without words. In 50-83% of the cases, these feelings were expressed correctly.
- Charming people express their feelings incredibly well and accurately. They can turn even the most boring story into an enthralling conversation.
- Charming people can make you talk about yourself easily. They don’t hesitate to ask questions and talk openly about themselves as well. These people genuinely want to know what you’re thinking, and this makes them trustworthy.
- Charismatic people always remember names and other small details about others very accurately.
- Charming people know how to listen, and they love listening more than talking. That’s how they learn more interesting details about a person and find something in common.

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Have you ever noticed that some people could easily gain the trust of everyone and create a positive image of themselves? It turns out they know some simple secrets, and today you have a chance to discover them all.

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