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9 Sounds You've Never Heard Before

#Mind Warehouse


Human hearing is a rather strange thing. Most recently, on the Internet, a serious dispute arose over the record with an incomprehensible word: some users heard the name "Yanny", while others heard the word "Laurel". But today we are not talking about audio illusions. Do you know how space sounds? And how do ants talk? Or whales sing? In today's video, we have collected for you sounds that you most likely have never heard in your life. So, be prepared and do not forget to put on your headphones Audio Illusion Brain Tricks. 5 Sounds From Gaming Consoles That Spooked Us As Kids. 8 Eeriest Recordings You Will Ever Hear. 8 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future. The Most Mysterious Noises Ever Recorded. It Looked Like a Normal Tree With Worms, but It's Actually Food! 10 Unexplained Audio Recordings. 15 Myths That You Still Believe. THIS VIDEO WILL MAKE YOU FORGET YOUR NAME... 5 Creepy Sounds Picked Up On Sleep Recording Apps.

posted by SmandaWaxo3