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88 SYLAS ULT INTERACTIONS! (Illaoi, Udyr, Twitch, Morde, Leblanc and more!)


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➤ Music by Zero-project (Visit'> for more!)
1. Killing Earth
2. Still Breathing
3. Millenium Sunset
4. Earthbeat
5. Distorted Reality
6. Ephemeral living
7. Epilogue Nightblue3 - 1SHOT SYLAS BUILD PATCH 9.2 (FULL GAMEPLAY). 【英雄聯盟】 新英雄賽勒斯 中下、打野 偷取敵人大招 Montage (劫、犽宿、李星、墨菲特、夜曲、汎). BREAKING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! (Nexus Blitz edition). Massive changes coming soon in 9.2! Start of Season 9 Ranked! HYBRID ON-HIT SYLAS IS SO BROKEN! BIGGEST HEAL EVER - Sylas Top Gameplay - League of Legends. ARUF IS BACK 2019 - New URF on PBE | League of Legends Stream. 【BunnyFuFuu中文】*全新英雄* 史上最完美技能組 六合一大招這是甚麼鬼?他以後是我最愛的英雄啦!(中文字幕) -LoL 英雄聯盟. SYLAS - NOWY CHAMPION W LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! INSANE VALUE FROM BLOOD MOON CAPSULES!!!! [Champion] Sylas First Impressions.

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