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88 SYLAS ULT INTERACTIONS! (Illaoi, Udyr, Twitch, Morde, Leblanc and more!)


Real heroes will watch the entire video!
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➤ Music by Zero-project (Visit'> for more!)
1. Killing Earth
2. Still Breathing
3. Millenium Sunset
4. Earthbeat
5. Distorted Reality
6. Ephemeral living
7. Epilogue When League of Legends COMPLETELY BREAKS. *NEW* COMBO-REWORK DIANA IS EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE!!! (PERFECT COMBOS) - League of Legends. WTF! FULL AP SYLAS IS ACTUALLY BEYOND GOD-TIER! (UNREAL BURST + GIANT SHIELDS) - League of Legends. NEVERENDING SORAKA SILENCE! Game Breaking Soraka Bug! All Sylas Ult Interactions | League of Legends. INSANE VALUE FROM BLOOD MOON CAPSULES!!!! PROBAMOS LA R de SYLAS en MUCHOS CAMPEONES | Laboratorio Heimers (Morde, Illaoi, Yasuo… etc). WAIT..IS JUNGLE SYLAS' BEST ROLE?? OP GANKS - Sylas Jungle Gameplay - League of Legends. This Carrier Flagship + Sniper Combo Is INSANE! (Bloons TD 6). CONQUEROR REWORK AKALI IS 100% AMAZING! INSANE TRUE DAMAGE + HEALING! - League of Legends.

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