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8 signs your cat is actually a dog

Sho Ko

Kodi the cat demonstrates rather un-feline like behaviour. Remember when Shorty had a feline identity crisis?? Kodi was born a year ago today, Jan 17, 2012. Happy Birthday Koko! And no, I haven't trained him to do anything, this is just his personality. If I could train them to do anything, I'd teach them to clean the litter box.

Do you even realize how much work your cat does for you?

(Oh, and "retrieve" is in quotes because it infers that while Kodi thinks he is helping me by retrieving things, much like a loyal dog would, he's actually stealing them, like my shirt, chopsticks, papers, etc."

And to all who are worried about his panting after lots of play, he's fine. Every cat I've ever had has panted as a kitten after lots of play, and they were all fine. Shorty panted when she was a kitten after playing and she's fine.


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posted by Korumlya05