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8 Proven Ways to Stop Being Shy And Quiet


How to become more confident? Does the idea of social interaction send panic waves through your body? Yeah, it tends to do that for shy people. But even if you’ve been the quiet type your whole life, there are lots of things you can to do build your confidence, become more charismatic, and get rid of that social awkwardness for good!

Do you know that advertising your shyness, you’re only trapping yourself in this label? People might not even see you as quiet or awkward until you bring it up! And from then on, they’ll only be able to see you that way. There’s nothing wrong with being “the shy one” but holding onto that label can really set you back if you sincerely wanna open up and be more conversational. Do you wanna learn more about that? Then watch our new video! Here are 8 tips on how to stop being shy!

Replace your negative inner voice 0:58
Embrace your strengths 1:59
Offer information 3:07
Don’t advertise your shyness 4:05
Practice your body language 4:56
Start saying yes 6:01
Stay in the moment 7:02
Do the things you’re scared to do 8:00

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- If you have a tough inner voice constantly judging you super harshly and putting you down, then you’ll be more prone to removing yourself from social situations because you expect to be judged by others just as relentlessly.
- Shy quiet people are just as smart, successful, competent, and interesting as extroverts. The only difference is that shy people might have a hard time talking about what makes them unique, so others don’t get a chance to notice it.
- Being in a large group of friends or acquaintances can be an awkward experience for people who suffer from social anxiety. But still, don’t wait for others to ask how you’re doing, how your projects are going, or what you did this weekend. Take the initiative to tell your friends what’s going on in your life.
- Body language tells you so much about a person. In social situations, people who feel awkward or shy might cross their arms or legs, avoid eye contact, angle their body away from others, stand or sit further away, or lower their head. They might also hide behind their phone or always keep it in hand.
- If you’re shy, you’re probably skilled at declining invitations just to avoid social interaction. You might even come up with excuses or go out of your way to avoid someone or some event. But when you say “no,” you create a barrier that closes off opportunities.
- If you’re out with a group of friends and you’ve said something incorrectly or you think you sounded foolish, it gets that critical inner voice going and you get so caught up in your self-demeaning thoughts that you totally disengage with what’s happening at the present time.
- Overcoming shyness isn’t just about learning to talk to people, it’s also about the basic principle of doing the things you’re scared to do. You learned earlier that a fear of being judged usually plays a big part in being shy.

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