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8 Mistakes in Famous Things No One Noticed


Everyone makes mistakes, and they make us learn faster. This is even truer, perhaps, for masters of their trade, whose errors may remain unnoticed for many years and result in calamity. Frankly speaking, an error on the White House is one of our favorites. What about you?

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Square Windows 0:27

Disney Concert Hall 0:52

Crazy Horse Memorial 1:24

Aircraft Carriers 2:01

Wikipedia 2:19

Bridgewater Place in Leeds 2:52

The White House 3:14

Mona Lisa 3:38

BONUS: Where some popular symbols came from

The Question Mark 4:31

The Dollar Sign 4:48

The Exclamation Mark 5:21

The Infinity Symbol 5:38

The Arrow 5:54

The Percentage Symbol 6:09

The Peace Gesture 6:29

The corners take on a high load that becomes even higher during the flight. You can see the same effect in old buildings, which have deep cracks at the corners of their windows.
Disney Concert Hall was built from curved metal frames that protected the hall from the heat and "roasted" the nearby buildings at the same time.
It was found that the pointing gesture in the Indian culture is an obscene one, meaning simply ‘Get out of here!’
In 2007, several faults were found in the structure of the encyclopedia that allowed any user to edit any articles. This resulted in vandalism and mistrust on the website.
Because of an engineering error, the wind around Bridgewater Place in Leeds is so strong that it throws people off their feet.
An error was noticed on the White House emblem after it was printed: one window arch looked different from the real one.
The very name of the famous painting is thought to be a mistake. In Italian, ‘Monna’ means ‘my lady.’ Leonardo, however, wrote this word with only one “n.”
To save space, the word ‘questio’ was shortened to ‘qo,’ and later the ‘o’ was placed beneath the ‘q.’ The ‘q’ became a hook shape, and the ‘o’ became a dot.
During the colonial era, the Spanish marked American gold ingots with an ‘S.’ Upon arrival, the ‘S’ was marked with a vertical line, and another vertical line if returned.
The infinity symbol was first used by John Wallis in 1655, though no one knows what inspired its design.
The arrow symbol is from ancient Greece: it was used to indicate a particular direction. Footprint symbols indicated the presence of a brothel, but the rain washed them away, leaving something like an arrow.
The Peace Gesture was first used during the Hundred Years War between England and France when the French threatened to cut off the fingers of English archers. The English began to raise their fingers in the ‘V’ sign (which means ‘victory’) to indicate their fingers were still in place.

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