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Most of us adore beach resorts and go to one of the large saltwater bodies at least once a year. However, we shouldn’t forget that the sea is as attractive as it is wayward. We at Bright Side wondered how a person who happened to be in the open sea should behave. It turns out there are several rules that aren’t at all difficult to remember.

Despair is your most dangerous enemy. Don’t give up hope of being saved. There are many stories of people who were found in the open sea months after their disappearance. For instance, 25-year-old sailor Poon Lim, who worked on a British merchant ship, survived alone 133 days in the open sea. After a shipwreck, he managed to find a raft with fresh water, cookies, flares, and a flashlight. Every day, Lim ate only 2 cookies and made 3 sips of water. To avoid muscle atrophy, he even floated around the raft twice a day. As you can see, human possibilities are endless. The main thing is to keep calm and hope for the best.

Calm down 0:35
Choose the right swimming style 0:57
Find something that floats 1:37
Take care of clothes 1:55
Decide what you’ll eat 2:16
Provide yourself with liquid 3:01
Save yourself properly 4:02
Don’t lose hope 5:06

- Panic definitely won’t help you. It can cloud your judgment and make you lose the rhythm of breathing. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to calm down.
- The style of swimming you choose determines how long your strength will last. In calm water, it’s better to swim on your back. If waves splash around you, it’s better to swim on your belly.
- If you’re in the open sea as a result of a shipwreck or an airplane water landing, there must be plenty of things around you that perfectly keep afloat. It will be even better if it’s a boat or a raft with which ships are equipped.
- Remember that open sunlight can be extremely dangerous. So don’t remove your clothes — they’ll protect you from the sun.
- If you have rations, divide them into small daily portions. This will make them last for a long time, and you won’t have problems with digestion.
- Try to fish even if you have stores of food. After all, fish contain some liquid.
- You have to consume the liquid constantly but never drink seawater.
- Try to ensure that you always have a couple of empty containers left for collecting rainwater. According to studies, drinking untreated rainwater is safe for your health.
- • If you found fluorescein, dissolve it in the water when you see an airplane or ship. It forms a bright spot around you which can be easily seen from the air and from afar.

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