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8 Biggest and Most EXPENSIVE gemstones off All Time


It's pretty amazing, but a different spatial arrangement of carbon atoms can form graphite in one case and one of the most expensive and beautiful stones in the world in the other. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend as we all know. Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about unique crystals that anyone would love to own. Here we go. REAL DIAMOND & PEARLS FOUND IN OYSTER....IN TOTAL SHOCK!! ON FUN HOUSE TV. The richest placer of gold, it is a delight. Stones, nuggets and I guess diamonds? 15 Most Expensive Buys On Pawn Stars. How To Find Jasper and Semi Precious Gemstones In Rivers. Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World! BIGGEST And MOST EXPENSIVE Gemstones Ever Discovered! Most EXPENSIVE Pets In The World! Gold Testing (What Gold Buyers Don't Want You to Know!). World's RAREST Gemstones and Minerals Ever Seen. SUPERVOLCANO! 7 Supervolcanoes That Threaten The Future of Humanity (Incl. World’s BIGGEST volcano!).

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