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8 Best Small Campers With Bathrooms


8 Best Small Campers with Bathrooms is a tour of some great small camper trailers with bathrooms. We look at teardrop trailers, the airstream basecamp, the airstream Nest, the Lance 1575, a hybrid camper and the newest small camper trailer with a bathroom from NuCamp the Barefoot Camper!

Some of the small camper designs include a separate shower or tub and some are a combo bath, which is a wet bath.

Imagine how great it could be to enjoy the RV life in a small RV or camper with a bathroom! You could pull your small camper trailer with your truck, SUV or even your car!

Some of the newer small camper designs are going retro so not only will you be RV living you will be RV Life Styling!

If you are an RV beginner or considering full time RV living or small camper living then these small campers are a cheap way to get started.

For those of you traveling the country and going off road the Airstream basecamp is a perfect small camper.

Take a look at these small campers with bathrooms and instead of tent camping upgrade to a small camper trailer! It will make life on the road much easier!

Small campers with bathrooms are perfect for weekend getaways and road trips of all kinds!

The small camper trailers with bathrooms we review in this video are:

0:00 Intro
0:46 NuCamp tab 400
1:27 Jayco Hummingbird 17RK
4:24 Jayco Jay Feather X17
7:33 KZ Classic 130RB
8:40 Lance 1575
10:47 Barefoot Camper
11:49 Airstream Basecamp
14:08 Airstream Nest

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