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7 Little Things That Give Us Away Completely


We don’t realize that even little things can give away our true essence. A lot of the things you do instinctively, as well as our preferences, say a lot about your true personality. Your everyday habits can reveal surprising things about yourself!
Don't take it way too seriously, just have fun and watch the video!

Shopping 0:54
The desire to wear a watch 1:55
What your eating habits say about you 2:52
What words you use in everyday life 3:46
What music you like 4:55
Household chores 6:15
Art 7:19

- Shopping is a big part of every person's life, whether you like it or hate it. And, surprisingly, the way you shop can tell a lot about your personality! Most buyers can be divided into two types. The first ones actively study labels and require as much detail as possible before buying something.
- People who wear a watch might be introverted but emotionally stable, whereas those who don’t wear one are less emotionally stable. Those of us, who can't leave their house without a watch, can be considered more reserved. Others, who don't really like this small accessory, are often way more open.
- It is believed that impulsive, less open, and less conscientious people prefer sweet wine and very rarely eat fruit. Those, who prefer dry wine and gladly include fruit in their diet are more likely to be open, calmer, and more conscientious.
- Anxious and emotionally unstable people usually use words related to negative emotions. It seems like quite a solid point after you read for example some widely and unnecessary negative comments online. Extroverts, on the other hand, prefer words that describe positive emotions.
- The kind of music you like to listen to can tell others about the peculiarities of your psyche because the music you listen to has a long-term effect on the brain. It's commonly believed that people who prefer sad or aggressive music to express their emotions are usually restless and nervous.
- People who are happy to iron things, wash dishes, and play with children are easier to communicate with than those who don’t like chores. The explanation for this is easy - for the first type, the happiness of others is important. Therefore, they prefer to work around the house rather than moan about domestic trifles.
- People who like poetry, go to the opera or are engaged in art themselves are more sociable and open to everything new, unlike those who ignore art. The “artsy” people tend to be more accepting and open-minded about life in general. People with other hobbies and interests are often more straightforward and confident.

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