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7 COOL GIRLY HACKS || DIY, Hacks and Craft Projects for Girls

123 GO!

Ohhh… how we girls wish that our lives could get a bit easier! What if we could tell you about some more hacks?

Life is a little complex? But when life throws problems at us, we throw hacks! If you are stressed, you should be well-dressed!

And you can do wonders with a look to kill! We did some digging and found out some amazing girly hacks and tricks that would help to sort out all the last-minute problems.

From dyeing your hair pink to a bathing suit from scratch, we have got you all covered! So, check’em out and you can thank us later!

0:17 DIY fake piercing
1:13 Homemade temporary hair dye
2:49 DIY cropped top
4:27 Easy way to fake freckles
5:18 DIY bathing suit top
6:20 Refashion two tight t-shirts into one flowing top
7:37 Warm jacket out of scarf

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