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7 Best New Smart Home 2018 You Must See Now

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► 7 Best New Smart Home 2018 Links:-

1- 00:08 BEDCHILL: Connected overbed table Revolutionize your bedroom ...
Eat, watch a movie, use your laptop, read, listen to music... Your bed can fulfill all your desires thanks to the Bedchill

2- 02:33 Turn Touch Wooden Smart Home Remote ...
Instant control of Hue lights, smart devices, apps, and more — all from a beautiful mahogany remote.

3- 04:17 MagHive - World's First Modular Smart Reminder ...
Reminds you of everything you need for your daily carry effortlessly and more...

4- 05:34 iHome iAVS1, The Spot for your Dot ... &
Enjoy room-filling sound with your Amazon Echo Dot through this compact bedside clock speaker. Enjoy audio directly from your Amazon Echo Dot via the hardwired aux-in cable.

5- 06:16 Securmate: Portable Security System & Home Automation Device ...
First of its kind, cloud based security system and home automation device that works through your Wi-Fi. No Hubs, Wires or Mess.

6- 08:13 Sensor Bin Simplehuman ... &
58 litre rectangular sensor bin with voice and motion sensor with liner pocket, stainless steel

7- 09:32 iHome Zenergy Aroma iZABT50 ...
Create a calming environment with the combination of light, sound and aromatherapy.

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